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SEO for Nigerian websites
SEO for Nigerian websites

Competitive SEO service for Nigeria.

If you want your business to succeed online you must dance with Google; ok, let me put it this way, if you’re a man and you want your online business to succeed then, google should be your girlfriend and if you’re a woman, please make Google your boyfriend (what  I mean is take the capital G of internet very seriously, care about them and listen to them)

This is the simple reason, Google controls almost 70% of visitors online and almost 4 billion people are searching on google daily, Google itself does not provide the information they need directly, it relies on information provided by websites like your’s and that is why you must rise to the competition and take this huge advantage. SEO your website to have Google direct all these searchers to your website for free; imagine your website getting 200,000 unique visit daily from Google alone, free of charge, this is achievable if you SEO your website with us. We have been SEOing in Nigeria for long and we understand how Google works.

Ok, consider this: If you want to get traffic from Facebook, you must pay facebook (or boost your post), but if you want to get traffic to your website from Google, you don’t pay a Kobo as long as you’re able to rank your website on the first page, that’s all.

For your business to succeed online, especially in a competitive economy like Nigeria, you need a die-hard SEO like us because we have developed a strategy that has proven to be very successful here in Nigeria. See, we are not bragging here, if we do SEO for you, your site must remain relevant, no doubt.

We recognize that SEO is more that a race, its a marathon that is while our methods start from keyword analysis to competition analysis, from Technical SEO to Onpage SEO, then off Page SEO: Link propecting, social signals, link building, link reclamation etc.

One thing first, we hate abracadabra methods,  we don’t do shit (black hart methods), after doing keyword analysis and link prospecting, we let you know if you can beat the competition around your targeted keyword, how long it will take, what it will cost, etc.

Warning: Don’t give your site to crooks, if you do, they’ll rank your site to page 1 in one week, then Google will blacklist your site.

Contact us to analyse your site for you, If we tell you your site will rank in top 4 for a given keyword, you have our word, it must rank, period.

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